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Incendies is York University’s only arts and culture feminist magazine.

The name for the publication was inspired by a 2003 Quebecois play of the same name. Incendies directly translated from French means Fire. Figuratively, it carries the meaning that great effects can be triggered by small causes.

The influence of the play can be perceived in the collective’s commitment to engage with the culture of silence and provide the means to publish voices of dissent.

Therefore, also as a social advocacy group, we work to promote inclusivity. We seek to highlight modern thought and diversity through an intersectional contextual feminist, gendered, queer, sexuality, race, religious, non-ableist lens (and much more).

The publication looks at current issues within the York University and Toronto arts and culture community through insightful critiques of the world that makes up our individual and collective cultures. As members of a diverse community we are striving to establish a greater level of communication and co-ordination between the feminist (and feminist-friendly) groups in the GTA and York student body. We stand in solidarity with local advocacy groups and the wide array of feminist perspectives that are present.

By highlighting York and local artist’s diverse talent, Incendies is a purposeful reminder that action leads to action and encourages constant involvement no matter what the medium.

We welcome you all to start your individual fires and join us in creating culture!


[This club is not currently active.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Sue Sbrizzi at]